Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2 Great Nights, 1 Great Band, 7 Years apart!!!

Oasis, my all time favourite band, no one compares to then in my eyes. Not even The Beatles. I have been fortunate to have seen them twice in concert, both times in Melbourne.

Tour Book

The first chance I had to go see them was March 1st 1998, while they were touring the Be Here Now album. Lisa and I flew over on the Saturday, went to see them on the Sunday and flew home on the Monday. While there we stayed at my sister's house. Before the gig we went to the All-Star Cafe at the Crown Casino and had tea. I must say I was too excited to eat.

We had to wait outside for a while, but while we waited Noel arrived in van and we got to see him which was cool. Once inside we had to all sit down and wait for security to lets us go up to the barrier. While we sat there I saw Bonehead and Alan White (Band members) at the barrier. I jumped and bolted towards the barrier. I asked if I could take a snap and they said yes.

Bonehead & Alan White

Once the gig started You, Am, I opened and they were pretty good, but everyone just wanted Oasis. When the sounds of Be Here Now bellowed out of the speakers the crowd went wild, Lisa thought she was going to be trampled. I was a great gig, which included Noel's solo spot. At the time it was the best concert i had ever been too.

In 2002 Oasis returned to Australia, but unfortunately with Noah now born and still small, plus a lack of funds I missed out. I also missed out on Noel and Gem's solo tour in '06. Tickets sold before I found out!!! Two big regrets. But I am ready for next year!!!!!!

On to 2005, The "Don't Believe The Truth" Tour. December 1 2005. Problem with this tour was that I was already a teacher and had classes to teach on either side of the tour date and the fact that we had three sons meant I was going solo. So I left school at lunch flew to Melbourne and arrived to 40 degree heat. I checked into my hotel room and then went for a walk to Festival Hall.

Tour Poster
I heard the band doing sound check, so I camped at the backdoor area for the next 2-3 hours. I was lucky enough to meet Zak Starkey (The fill in drummer and Ringo Starr's son) who signed my t shirt

It was an awesome concert that just rocked. It was so exciting to see the band live again. all the new tracks from the album sounded awesome and as usual "Don't Look Back In Anger" gave me goose bumps.

The concert finished around 11 so I headed back to the hotel, only problem was I was too pumped to sleep. The next morning I woke at around 4AM to catch a taxi to take me to the airport to catch my 6AM flight home.

I arrived home was picked up by Lisa and the boys and taken straight to "The Meadows" for a full day of teaching. I ended nodding on and off during science, but no one knew. :)

Later that afternoon we had a meeting at Punchbowl Primary School to discuss plans for Noah for the next year. I must admit I contributed nothing and can barely remember that meeting. I think I actually slept through most of it.

This was now the best concert I had ever seen and I would/will do it again in a flash. There is not much that will stop me from seeing Oasis again!!!!!!

The single,‘The Shock Of The Lightning’ is released on September 29th and the album, ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ follows in October;

Friday, July 25, 2008

Wanted: Husband 4 Collette!!!!

Our dear Collette

Poor Poor Collette, already 25 and still not married. Like Steve Young said in Singles Ward, Collette is "a menace to society". What has gone wrong in Collette's pursuit of the ideal man!! Is she too picky, are the Tasmanian men too blind, I don't know, but what I do know is that I am here to help. We would all love too see Collette happily married, especially if it was to someone who lived interstate! :)

Here are the prerequisites:
1. Male
2. Breathing.

That's about it. Teeth and hair are not essential!! So roll up and take your chances!!!
I thought I would show you some pictures of Collette and here last few dates. You have to size up the competition.

This one was too skinny!!

This one was not tall enough!!

This one was just right! But he was only interested in Jessica and he wouldn't shave! :(
No wonder she called him a DOG!!

Good luck to all in this pursuit. The Anti-Blogger has done all he can, it is now up to you!!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Leave Buddy Alone

Why do most non-Hawthorn people hate Buddy? All you hear is that he "is up himself", "a show pony". . . . Blah Blah Blah!! He is a 21 year old young man, who is trying to adapt to stardom. He really is a shy person, so get off his back. Most of you are just jealous because he is so good.

The media carry on that he can't kick straight, but he is still leading the Coleman Medal and we are still in the top 3, so watch out when he gets it right!!!!

Anyway to prove he is a nice genuine shy person watch the video below!!!!!

The Anti-Blogger Has Arrived

You may ask why the Anti-Blogger is actually blogging!! Well the truth is out there and needs to be told. This blog is for me to get things off my chest and tell it like it is. At times this blog will make you laugh, will make you cry (only because it is bad) and sometimes may be dark (depends what colour font I use). So sit back, strap in and enjoy the ride, it may be short, it may be long!!!!

If anyone gets offended by any comments on this blog, it is not 100% serious, only 99.95%!!!!!!!!!!!