Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Greatest Day Ever!!!!

I told you we were not scared and we would win!!!!!

Here is my unbiased, :), view of the 2008 AFL Grand Final.

What a day, I felt sick at around 11am, finally had everything in place to watch the game and the emotions and everything else hit me. I was ready!!!! Before the coin toss, I noticed the smug arrogant look on Tom Harley's face and thought "what a tosser!!!", as stated in previous posts, Geelong thought they were going to take the prize.

From the opening bounce it was a tense and pressure filled game. When The Mighty Hawks kicked three goals after Kidney man had kicked one for the cats. I was pumped.

Speaking of Lonergan, did you notice he lost his balance and fell over in the last quarter, that was because his insides are unbalanced with the missing kidney!!!!

As usual the cats came back and hit he front at quarter time, no worries we were close enough, to mount a charge. The second quarter was full of selfish/arrogant Geelong play, Ottens missing from 30 out when two cats were alone in the goal square. Then Croady hurt his foot and my number 2 man Campbell Brown went back and gave the cats headaches.

Buddy finally got into it and handed Willow a goal, followed by Young's booming goal from the center and we were in front at the half.

We came out fired up in the second half, butlost our best player of the first half to injury!!!! The cats tried, but Cyril and Stuey Dew put a 5 min burst that put us up by 30. Then the umpires handed the cats a goal and then another to the druggy's son (Ablett) anthey were back into.

Into the last quater and the pressure was on, see Lisa's blog, but when held firm and beat them. Emotions started to flow after RickyLadson kicked a goal with 8 mins left, but really flowed after the siren

Let me express my feelings on a few of the players from today's game:

Stuey Dew: Damn star, we would not have won without him today.
Cyril Rioli: It was his first year, we have a genuine superstar in the making. Turned the game for us.
Luke Hodge: If you have read previous posts you know how I feel. I am proud to #15 on my guernsey.
Shane Crawford: This is who we did it for. After today he could go again next year.
Sam Mitchell: Quiet first half, but stood up in the second.
Brad Sewell: Stood up when needed gave us drive in the second half.
Campbell Brown: Same as always, hard/desperate. I love that man.

The best for the cats:
The umpires: How many dodgy free kicks did you want to receive. They kept you in the game in the second half.

I could go on and on about the team, I know I probably missed some, but people are probably getting bored.

One last one though:
Gary Ablett Jr: Sook!!!!!!!!! Didn't win the Brownlow, sat there sooking, although he claimed it didn't matter that much. Then today sat there at the end sooking his eyes out. You won it last year, it is not as if you haven't tasted premiership glory!!!! Sooky Sooky La La!!!

All in all what a day, now I can look forward to a wonderful 12 months, after years of hearing about how Hawthorn sucked, sticking by them fanatically and riding every bump with them, no one can say anything, anymore. We beat every team this year, everyone!!!! And I have all the games on dvd to prove it!!!

We're a happy team at Hawthorn!!!

Now I am going to watch the game again. Crazy, yes. Fanatical, um hell yeah. Passionate, always. i really love my team!!!!! I mean really love!!!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


The AFL Grand Final is only 6 days away, this could be one of the best weeks ever!! Although, the way the media and Geelong have been talking, I must of missed it, because it seems Geelong have already won!! All we have heard is Geelong this, Geelong that. Fair enough they have only been beaten once, if we could kick straight it would have been twice!! Aker says they are arrogant and I am starting to believe what he is saying. I must admit I am sick of hearing about only one team and how good they are, when there are 16 clubs in the league. Do 7 cats deserve All-Australian honors or are they the flavour of the month!!

One word of warning for the kitty cats, Hawthorn are no Port Adelaide. Nick Riewoldt said during the week that experience would help the saints, yeah right, you got smashed. The Hawks are hungry and a meal wont satisfy the hunger. We want this for Shane!!!!

Bring on Saturday and those cats!!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

In Celebration of . . .

To celebrate the MIGHTY HAWKS first Grand Final appearance for 17 years, I have decided to share my Hawthorn desktop wallpapers, which I have created over the years. They are either scans or photos I have taken that I have edited or redesigned. Even if you don't go for the hawks (loser!) let me know what you think.


Leigh Matthews

Shane Crawford


Shane Crawford

Shane Crawford

vs Power at Aurora

Stars of '07

Shane Crawford

Campbell Brown


Buddy from the start of '06

Chance Bateman - Made Yesterday

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Saturday August 30th: A Day From Hell, Night From Heaven

This past Saturday start off like any other Saturday, until I got out the shower and heard Noah crying. Not his usual cry, but one that lets you know it will be a long day. I quickly did a few jobs in town and arrived home at about 10:30am. At 11am Lisa took Kobe to the service project and left me with the immobile Harri (sore foot) and the arching and screaming Noah.

For the next 9 hours I cuddled Noah, almost wrestling him to get him comfortable and quiet. He would only stop crying for about 1min at a time, he did fall asleep for about 15mins at one stage, but Kobe woke up at the same time.

In between the cuddle/wrestle, running Harri to the toilet, stooping J and Harri fighting, I was able to do a few jobs on the computer, watch 3/4 of Semi-Pro & the Eagle & Cats and prepare for what would be a night to remember on that day that would not be easily forgotten.

Noah started to settle around 7pm, just in time for the Hawthorn/Carlton telecast, a big game with Buddy needing 2 goals for his 100 and Fevola needing 8. Buddy kicked his 100th in the first quater and the celebrations began, but Fevola started to creep towards his and the tension was thick.

The kick that started the party!!

Chrish had never watched a Hawthorn game with me until this night, I don't thik he will be in a rush to do it again either.

With Fev only 2 goals away from the `100, with only minutes to go, I started to feel sick. No way was this loser going to steal Buddie's limelight!! Luckily time ran out and the first thing that came out of my mouth was "Sucked in!!". I have never felt so tense or stressed when the Hawks have been leading by 70 odd points.

All in all the day was hard work, but not too bad. at least Lisa got a rest from it and got to get out of the house, plus the night more than made up for the day. Now all we have to do is beat those horrible doggies!!

In case you missed all the fun, here it is!!!