Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's On!!!

Hodgey - Norm Smith

Once again it is time to hate!!!! Hate those other 15 teams in the AFL. Only 4 days until the season starts and to say I am excited is a big big understatement!!!

NAB Cup Special

But once again all we here is Geelong this, Geelong that, blah blah blah. Oh I forgot "THEY WON THE NAB CUP"!!! That makes absolute no difference, now I guess they are now in the company of Carlton and St Kilda. Now on Friday it is a Grand final rematch, if the cats wi they will carry on about how they gotrevenge, but considering some of our key players are injured they have nothing to brag about, but then again they wont win anyway, losers!!!


That brings me to the "all mighty" Pies, what a great team, they beat a half strength Eagles (finished 15th), a half strength Richmond (finished 11th) and Essendon, but they are supposedly genuine contenders. Contenders for a mardi gras maybe, but not the flag!!!!!! They proved in the NAB final how good they weren't.


Anywy I am totaly pumped for this year, I already have purchased all the 2009 cards off ebay, started a2009 scrapbook and have planned to see 5 games at the G this year. Unfortunately the only way is down for the hawks, but buddy will kick 150 or moreand break Huddo's record.


In this pst are some new wallpapers I have made for my computer, most are old school, mainly because during the off season I have watched a number of old grand finals and read books, mags and old clippings.

Peter Knights - My all time favourite

Feel free to use any of these, but I took hours creating all these so please do not distribute them or re-posting them.

The captain

And before you say anything. Yes I do only blog about football!!!:P