Monday, February 23, 2009

Do You Think They Will Know Who I Go For?

After every holidays my desk get a bit of a makeover, any new photos or knick knacks go up or around my desk.So as of today this is how my desk looks. I sure hope the students will know what team I support.

The poster is laminated and stuck to my desk, only place I had space!!!

This is how our bedroom should look! At least then I would be too busy looking at Hawthorn stuff to want to do anything else, that way we would both be happy!! :)


The Kings said...

Oh that is sad!!! and what are you going on about in the bedroom!!!!!

Kylie's blog said...

Ouch! Has your office got somewhere for you to sleep tonight???

Kylie's blog said...

PS I think I see bread crumbs on your desk or is that pie pastry???

The Kings said...

Yes Kylie - I think he needs to find another place to sleep from now on - I've got Noah to keep me company!!! :)

Junior said...

no question about what team you are rooting for.

Thanks for the comment on Junior's blog. Noah reminds me a lot of Junior and I always smile when I see his pics.