Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Shane: Superstar on the Field, True Legend Off!!!!

This week the great Shane Crawford retired from football. Why? Body couldn't take it? not motivated? No!! For his children. He stated he wanted to be the father he never had, so he has hung up the boots to spend time with Charlie & Benjamin.

Having met Shane a few times, I have been very impressed with how he always takes time to talk to us, ask about Noah and has never ever denied us a photo opportunity. He is what celebrities should be.

As I write this I feel a bit choked up because while the Hawks have lost a superstar, but the Crawford boys have gained their father.

Shane Crawford was a legend of AFL football, but he IS a wondeful wonderful human being!!

But the again I am a bit biased!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Pain Of It All!!! but not really!!

On my birthday 2008 in the US the WWE is releasing a 3disc dvd on my favourite wrestler of all time, Edge!!! I got excited for a little while until I found out it will not be out here until January 21. There goes an awesome birthday full of the "Rated R Superstar".

Now for the true pain!!! During the 80s & 90s the Detroit Pistons were the epitomy of evil in the NBA. I have never forgiven them for that period. I have however liked some players on the team, now I have a giant dilema!! If you REALLY know me, you'll know of my love for Allen Iverson, In have a jersey for each team he has played on, 76er's and the Nuggets. But in the last few days he has been traded to the, ghast!!!, Pistons!!!!! That is like Luke Hodge being traded to Essendon!!! What to do, what to do. I will eventually have to have an AI Pistons top, but only for the name on the back!!!! If they do win the championship I would be somewhat happy, but I could never root for them!!!

I already made a wallpaper!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Kobe Sells Out!!!!!

If you read Lisa's blog in the last 24 hours, you would have seen how Kobe has carried on a sacred tradition in our house of being male and hating pumpkin. Well just 24hrs later the little devil sold us out and enjoyed his pumpkin meal!!!!!!

What a difference 24 hours makes

Now I think we are going to be served up more pumpkin, because Lisa will make it for Kobe and make us eat some as well. At least it will be mashed!! Baked and boiled pumpkin is gross.

Anything that is associated with Halloween like pumpkin is, can not be good, but must be EVIL!!!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Athletic Carnival!!!!!!

It may be a bit late, but better late than never. On the 23rd and 24th of October Kings Meadows High School held it's annual athletic carnival. And as usual I was ready for TAMAR to take out victory, we have not won since I have been there.

The first day was the novelty events. I was stationed on the beachless flags for the second straight year. That is where you lie on your stomach facing the opposite way and when the whistle blows up jump up and run 10-15 meters and grab a tennis ball, there is always one less ball than competitor!! It can get rather physical and violent, that is why I was stationed there! :)

Starting off 0ne of the heats.

Mayhem at the end!!

Tamar's Grade 9 Tug-O-War Team!!
On the second day we were at St Leonards track for the main day. I was once again Head Time Keeper, as I have been for the past 4 years. I enjoy the role, but there is never a break!!

My spot at the finish line.

Timing one of the races!!

Working with students to organize times!!

This year I got a flag to show if we were ready or not!!

There was a little bit of rain throughout the day, but it did not pour like it did 2 years ago. There was however very little sun!!! Once again Tamar did not win or come second and as usual it was because lack of participation!!

Ahh well there is always next year!!!