Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Shane: Superstar on the Field, True Legend Off!!!!

This week the great Shane Crawford retired from football. Why? Body couldn't take it? not motivated? No!! For his children. He stated he wanted to be the father he never had, so he has hung up the boots to spend time with Charlie & Benjamin.

Having met Shane a few times, I have been very impressed with how he always takes time to talk to us, ask about Noah and has never ever denied us a photo opportunity. He is what celebrities should be.

As I write this I feel a bit choked up because while the Hawks have lost a superstar, but the Crawford boys have gained their father.

Shane Crawford was a legend of AFL football, but he IS a wondeful wonderful human being!!

But the again I am a bit biased!!!!



Pleased to see you have come out of hibernation! That's a great photo of Crawf, and as for what you said - "DITTO"!

It won't be the same next year, but it's going to be GREAT! Bring on 2009!!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photo of Shane and his new little man. He has a big heart,and he has his priorities right. I,ve always loved him,even though I was a Carlton fan,but no more. It wasn't really jumping on the bandwagon after The Hawks won the grand final. It was your passion and dedication,and a great team that won me over. At least he will still be on The Footy Show! Iwish him all the happiness and the best in this new direction in this life. Love M.I.L. xxx

Country/City Boy said...

Footy season is just around the corner, the Swans have their practice goals back up again.

He should have retired anyway with the win

The Kings said...

Isn't it about time you blogged again slacker!

Anonymous said...

What a truly heart warming photo of Shane with his new baby son. Brought a tear to my eyes. He made the very best decision for himself and his family. G O H A W K S!!