Monday, November 3, 2008

Athletic Carnival!!!!!!

It may be a bit late, but better late than never. On the 23rd and 24th of October Kings Meadows High School held it's annual athletic carnival. And as usual I was ready for TAMAR to take out victory, we have not won since I have been there.

The first day was the novelty events. I was stationed on the beachless flags for the second straight year. That is where you lie on your stomach facing the opposite way and when the whistle blows up jump up and run 10-15 meters and grab a tennis ball, there is always one less ball than competitor!! It can get rather physical and violent, that is why I was stationed there! :)

Starting off 0ne of the heats.

Mayhem at the end!!

Tamar's Grade 9 Tug-O-War Team!!
On the second day we were at St Leonards track for the main day. I was once again Head Time Keeper, as I have been for the past 4 years. I enjoy the role, but there is never a break!!

My spot at the finish line.

Timing one of the races!!

Working with students to organize times!!

This year I got a flag to show if we were ready or not!!

There was a little bit of rain throughout the day, but it did not pour like it did 2 years ago. There was however very little sun!!! Once again Tamar did not win or come second and as usual it was because lack of participation!!

Ahh well there is always next year!!!



I was very disappointed to hear my team Tamar lost!!! I'd love to say "back in the '80's things were different" but unfortunately they weren't! There's always the swimming carnival! GO TAMAR GO!

Country/City Boy said...

Maybe the teachers need to show more enthusiasm? hmm??

Nice flag twirling, should be an olympic sport

The bulls didn't look real flash the other day, Rose should be okay though

Think I should come home for a few days at christmas?