Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Kobe Sells Out!!!!!

If you read Lisa's blog in the last 24 hours, you would have seen how Kobe has carried on a sacred tradition in our house of being male and hating pumpkin. Well just 24hrs later the little devil sold us out and enjoyed his pumpkin meal!!!!!!

What a difference 24 hours makes

Now I think we are going to be served up more pumpkin, because Lisa will make it for Kobe and make us eat some as well. At least it will be mashed!! Baked and boiled pumpkin is gross.

Anything that is associated with Halloween like pumpkin is, can not be good, but must be EVIL!!!!!



Good boy Kobe, now you'll grow up big and strong...like your Mum!!!

Good to see you back Aaron - I thought you might be hibernating until the footy season starts!

Anonymous said...

Good to see there is at least one tough boy in the King Household. Ha ha

The Kings said...

Kobe takes after his Mum obviously -what a good little boy! Just sending you a comment, so you aren't sad :)