Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Shock of the Lightning

The Oasis video clip has been released, the single is still over a month away, but man does this song absolutely rock!!!!

Here is a sneak peek at my Christmas Present!!!!!
I can't wait!!

And to those foolish people who have made comments (Devonport Stake . ., Jessica) regarding Hawthorn getting beat by Richmond. It helps if you have a go at me before we flog West coast by 71 points. I don't think the Hawks are scared of the Tiger's because they will be on the footy trip come September and the Hawks will be vying for the premiership!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

I Love this man!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Where Is The Anti-Blogger?

Where is the Anti-Blogger? When will he do another blog? What is he doing?I will tell you what he has been doing. Watching the damn Olympics!!!!

I am and always have been addicted to the Olympics. It consumes me for 16 days. I LOVE it. I don't just love the swimming and athletics, I love them all. Noah and I spent a few nights cuddled on the floor watching the gymnastics. I even have the Olympics on while I am teaching my maths classes. What! Measurement, averages, it i all part of maths.

The highlights so far for me has been:

Usain Bolt - What a star, what excitement.

The Woman's Swim team - Showed the men up!!!

The US B'ball team - The only non-Aussie that I will cheer for.
Stuff the Boomers, but Go Opals!!!

On that topic, last night Andrew Gaze's commentary was disgraceful!! He was so biased against he US it was not funny. I think he was just jealous because he could not make it in the NBA!!!

Anyway, I think the Chinese have rigged a few of the events, shooting anyway.I guess if you miss the target you get points as well!!

I am writing this while watching the Olympics and I know I will be a tad bot depressed next week with all the usual crap back on TV. I wish the Olympics were on all the time, but they would lose their glamor and mystique. So until London 2012, I will just have to go back to my first love, The MIGHTY HAWKS, just don't mention Richmond!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Group Dating! Only good if you don't want to get married!!!!

In a church that is big on the Law of Chastity, group dating is encouraged big time. I am for group dating for under 18's, but when you are over 18, you should be dating in groups of TWO!!!!

A date should be like a waltz, smooth, elegant, two people gazing into each other's eyes. Not a hokey pokey with everyone sticking their "noses" in and shaking the date all about!!!!

Group dates are a recipe for disaster if you are looking for marriage, two's company, three is definitely not a party.

Here are a few of the reasons that prove that friends on dates do not help:

1 - Boys will spend more time talking to their mates instead of talking to you.

2- Girls will tell their girlfriend (the one on the actual date) all the things she doesn't like about her date!!

3 - You go to the toilet and your friend tries to chat up your date, damn Canteen workers, always cutting someone else's lunch!!!

4 - If you have to drive, the canteen people will be at it again.

5 - Embarrassing stories, your friends will think they are helping, but they wont be!!!

Group dates are referred to as safe situations, which is true, but signs of bad intentions should rear their head as soon as you are picked up for the date.

Girls, if your date picks you up and has Barry White or Boys II Men playing, you should instantly fake a stomach bug. He is after one thing. If he is playing Kylie Minogue in his car, relax he probably is just using you to get to your brother!!!!!!

There is no advice for boys, because we think that all girls just "want" us anyway!!!!

To wrap up, group dates are for youth and future missionaries, not for those looking for marriage. If you are a perennial group dater, get over it, cupid can't find you in a big group of people aho all have the same thing on their minds, "I need to get married!!!".