Wednesday, December 24, 2008

36 year old child!!!!

That's what I am supposedly!!!!!

To here about my birthday yesterday, head over to Lisa's Blog. Most of would have gone there, then ended up here anyway!!

One thing that Lisa did not cover was that I finally received my Oasis "Dig Out Your Soul" Deluxe box set. Which then led me to Kylie's comment on my last post bagging my obsession with Oasis out. Now in my last post I talked about my love for 80's hair metal, but if you really know me, then you will know that my ultimate favourites are Oasis and The Beatles. Hawthorn is the only thing I obsess with more than these two. To prove it, I got all excited today as I was listening to the new album, that I just had to get almost everything out to look at.

Here is the result!!!

Not in picture are the clothing, posters, over 100 bootleg cds and 50 odd bootleg dvds!!!

I could get all my Beatle stuff out, but I would have to lie it all out in the backyard, that's the only place I could fit!!!!!

Anyway, Merry Christmas, I hope you all have a great day tomorrow!!

ps. Blur still and always have sucked!!!!!!!!!


Kylie said...

Oh nooooo! What have I started? Nah - you were always mad! Your only redeeming feature is you Hawks obsession - oh and your lovely wife and kids!!!

Have a very merry Christmas!

Hope it doesn't pass in a BLUR!!!!!

Sim-Dim said...

It's good to have more than one obsession. Happy Birthday!!

melandpeter said...

Does that mean I can't be a fan of both Blur and Oasis. If i was to ask either band I'm sure they'd say I could only support one of them...hmmm

The Kings said...
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Anonymous said...

Yah big kid!!! Got to love you though.
I would be keeping quiet about your bootlegged stuff though.
It makes me ponder the point, if your house started to burn down, What would you grab first? Mmmmm very interesting 99
Love M.I.L. XXX

Anonymous said...

Mr King, please expect a visit from us regarding your "bootleg" collection. The punishment for having such a collection is to be strapped to a chair and made to watch Collingwood V Crows games non-stop for a 24 hour period!

Expect a knock on you door in the near future.

Mr A. Sole
R.S.P.C.B and anti-bootlegging committee.